Opinion poll of ABP News-CSDS for UP Election 2017

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First opinion poll for uttar pradesh is announced by ABP news-CSDS- Lokniti in 2017. The ABP news has conducted this opinion poll which was conducted in first week of December. As we know Election commission is about to announce the polling dates of UP and other 4 states. It is the first ever opinion poll for UP assembly election 2017.

Below are more details of latest opinion poll of ABP News-CSDS for up election 2017, do check out.

Opinion poll of ABP News-CSDS for UP Election 2017

Opinion poll of ABP News-CSDS
There are 4 major parties are going to fight up assembly election, BJP (Bhartiya janta party), SP (Samajwadi party), BSP (Bahujan samaj party) and INC (Congress).

Which party gets highest Seats?

  • BJP+  :- 129-139
  • SP :- 141-151
  • BSP :- 93-103
  • INC :- 13-19
  • Others: - 6-12.
As you can see, SP comes as biggest and single largest party of UP. While BJP comes at 2nd number, though both SP and BJP having just 10 seats of margin. While BSP is at 3rd number with even less than 100 seats. INC which is finding ground since 27 years has got only 13-19 seats only.

Voting Percentage wise Opinion Poll of UP

  • BJP+  :- 27%
  • SP :- 30%
  • BSP :- 22%
  • INC :- 8%
  • Others: - 13%.
SP is leading the percentage game also, while BJP trailing behind with 27% and BSP to get 22% vote share. While INC to get just 8% votes in upcoming election.

Caste Wise Vote share of political party

Other OBC
BJP:- 34% , SP:- 23%, BSP:- 20%, INC:- 10%
Upper Caste
BJP:- 55% , SP:- 12%, BSP:- 08%, INC:- 10%
Yadav Voters
BJP:- 14% , SP:- 75%, BSP:- 04%, INC:- 05%
Other Backward caste
BJP:- 13% , SP:- 16%, BSP:- 56%, INC:- 11%
Jatav Voters
BJP:- 08% , SP:- 07%, BSP:- 74%, INC:- 04%
Muslim Voters
BJP:- 09% , SP:- 54%, BSP:- 14%, INC:- 07%

Area wise Vote share of political parties

East UP
BJP:- 30% , SP:- 35%, BSP:- 18%
West UP
BJP:- 37% , SP:- 16%, BSP:- 12%.

Who is Biggest Face and Popular face of Chief minister in UP?

  • Akhilesh :- 28%
  • Mayawati :- 21%
  • Narendra Modi :-5%
  • Rajnath Singh :- 4%
  • Yogi Adityanath :- 4%
  • Rahul Gandhi :- 3%
  • Amit Shah :- 3%
  • Mulayam Singh Yadav :- 3%
  • Priyanka Gandhi :- 1%

Samajwadi party war

As you know, from last few days there is internal war going on between Akhilesh and Mulayam singh yadav in SP. Due to this there is some speculation that SP may splits in two parts and due to that, other political parties may get chance to win SP votes. So, ABP news has also asked few questions on SP splits, do check out.

What if Akhilesh-Mulayam Fought separately, Who gets how much seats?

  • SP (akhilesh) :- 82-92.
  • SP (Mulayam) :-9-15
  • BJP:- 158-168
  • BSP :- 110-120
  • Cong:- 14-20.
So, in case SP splits, direct benefit will go to BJP. They might even get majority too. While BSP to get some muslim vote’s benefit as well. While Congress stay unchanged. It also says that SP with akhilesh camp is too strong and may get good enough seats.

Whos works is more satisfied you?

  • Akhilsh: - 34%
  • Modi :- 32%
Clearly, Akhilesh is big winner here, defeating all anti-incumbency.

Who is responsible for Yadav Pariwar WAR

  • Akhilesh :- 6%
  • Shivpal :- 25%.
As you can see, the ABP news latest opinion poll says that there will be hung assembly. In this 4 corner fight, we predict that Congress will be wiped out. Demonetization will be big issue, and BSP the real fight is between SP and BJP. There might be chance that SP and congress make alliance, very much thing to happen.

Election Date of Uttar Pradesh - Polling Dates - Ceouttarpradesh.nic.in

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Ceouttarpradesh.nic.in - Are you waiting for election commission to announce election date of Uttar Pradesh? here is details about polling dates of Uttar Pradesh. As you know, UP (biggest state of india) is going in poll this year for assembly election. After 5 years, people of UP will get chance to caste their votes and to choose their own government for next 5 years.

Election Date of Uttar Pradesh - Polling Dates - Ceouttarpradesh.nic.in

Election Date of Uttar Pradesh
The election commission of India (ECI) has announced the polling dates on 3rd January, 2016 and not only of UP, but Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa, And Manipur too. 

UP Assembly Election Date (Polling Date)

  • First Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - Phase 1 in UP covering 73 seats (western UP) on Feb 11.
  • Second Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - UP Phase 2 covering 67 constituencies on Feb 15
  • Third Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - Phase 3 in UP 69 constituencies on Feb 19
  • Fourth Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - Phase 4 in UP covering 53 constituencies on Feb 23
  • Fifth Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - Phase 5 in UP covering 52 constituencies on Feb 27
  • Sixth Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - Phase 6 covering 49 constituencies on March 4
  • Seventh Phase Polling Date (UP Assembly Election 2017) - Phase 7 covering 49 constituencies on March 8.
As you can see, EC has announced election polling dates in UP. The detail notification and other details is posted here.

Counting of Votes - Election Results of UP assembly 2017

The counting to take place at March 11th, 2017.

As you can see, the most awaited Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election to be held in February, 2017 and that too in 7 phase (as per the current information). The biggest state of India which has nearly 20cr of population and mostly fought on caste based is open for all. 

But this year, after internal fights of samajwadi party, and recent demonetization issue, the UP assembly election to be fought on the development issue. The parties which are not going on development issue will fall flat for sure.

Keep check the above mentioned polling dates, get your voter id for assembly election online and do vote for your favorite party/candidate. Choose your own government and support your voting rights. Keep visiting us for more updates on Uttar Pradesh assembly election and for UP Opinion Polls.

Big Faces to Fight Election

Apart from regular candidates, ruling party's ministers like pavan pandey, gayatri prajapati, and CM akhilesh yadav, bigger face like azam khan, naresh aggrawal, mayawati, and many more are going to contest upcoming assembly election in UP.

India Today - Axis Punjab Opinion Poll - Punjab Assembly Election 2017

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India Today and Axis Survey Company has Done Opinion Poll on Punjab assembly election 2017. The latest opinion poll is shocking result for AAP. AAP (aam aadmi party) who won 4 Loksabha seat in 2014 was hot favorite in last few elections, but now in latest opinion poll, AAP has been overtaken by Congress. And SAD+BJP alliance which is ruling now, has been damaged with high anti-incumbency.  Do check out more details on Punjab Opinion poll by India Today axis Poll.

India Today - Axis Punjab Opinion Poll - Punjab Assembly Election 2017

The India today opinion poll was conducted on 1st week of October, 2016. Below is sample size of this opinion poll.
  • Sample Size :- 6552
  • Total assembly constituency covered :- 117
Below is more details of the opinion poll on Punjab election 2017.
India Today - Axis Punjab Opinion Poll

Seat Sharing Party Wise

SAD-BJP :- 17-21 seats
Congress :- 49-55
AAP :- 42-46

Voting Percentage Political party

BJP-SAD :- 22%
Congress :- 33%
AAP :- 30%
Others :- 15%

AAP who were getting 100 seats in 6 month old opinion poll has been reduced at 2nd spot with new opinion poll. This is big setback for them, also prashant kishore who was hired by Captain amrinder singh has been doing good work for him.

Best choice for CM candidate

Capt.Amrinder Singh :-33%
Prakash Singh Badal :-25%
Arvind Kejriwal :- 15%
Bhagwat Mann Singh :- 8%
Sukhbir Singh Badal :- 3%

So, as of now Congress Capt Amarinder singh is hot favourite for being CM and fetching good votes too. AAP’s delhi performance is damaging their votes in Punjab, also Non Punjabi CM face is also hurting AAP.

Drug A major Problem?

Yes :- 76%
No :- 12%
Don’t Know: - 12%

Anti-incumbency level

61% - 77% for government

Satisfied with Government Work?

On Roads: - 69% satisfied, 38% unsatisfied
On electricity: - 65% satisfied, 27% unsatisfied

At this way, Badal government has not loosed much as they are being shown. Also, SAD and BJP is doing well in Caste politics and rural areas while AAP is quite weak on caste lines. 

The picture is not end yet, Much more to come in this politics.  The 3 side war will end with hung assembly as it looks now. For more updates, keep visiting us.

India Today - Axis UP Opinion Poll - BJP All the Way to Sweep UP Assembly Election 2017

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India Today and Axis Survey Company has conducted new opinion poll in September-October, 2016. And some interesting figures came out in favour of BJP, SP and BSP. Congress seems totally white washed in UP election 2017 as per the latest opinion poll of India Today. Do check the details of the India Today-Axis Opinion poll on UP assembly Election 2016.

India Today-Axis Opinion poll on UP assembly Election 2016

  • Date Opinion poll conducted: - 5th September to 5th October, 2016.
  • Total Sample Size: - 60 Surveys conducted (face to face) with 22231 sample size.
  • Assembly constituency Covered: - all (403).

Seat sharing :- 

India Today-Axis Opinion poll
As per the India today survey, as of now, no political party is getting full majority but BJP is heading above all.

BJP :- 170-182 seats
BSP :- 115-124
SP :- 94-103
Congress :- 8-12

Voting Percentage Share party wise

BJP :- 31%
BSP :- 28%
SP :- 25%
Congress :- 6%

Caste wise Voting Percentage

As per the opinion poll, Yadav and Muslims are highly behind SP. Despite Yadav Family War, people still are going with Yadavs. And Muslims are still trusting Mulayam yadav over BSP supreme Mayawati or Rahul Gandhi.

Bhrahmin voters whom are lured most by BSP and Congress are going with Saffron Party BJP. Around 55% bhrahmins are going with BJP, while OBC voters are also highly polarized with BJP after Mayawati vs swati singh chapter.

While, Dalit are still strongly attached with Mayawati, they are not divided like yadav voters who highly attached with SP.

While, Congress has to find their core voters. Also, this survey was conducted between the time when Rahul Gandhi was doing yatras in all areas of UP. Khat Sabha and other sabhas are not turning good for Congress at all.

Also, playing bhrahmin CM candidate card (Sheila dikshit), its not helping congress at all. Do check out below images for more insight of this opinion poll.

Best CM candidate as per poll

  • Mayawati :- 31%
  • Akhilesh Yadav :- 27%
  • Mulayan Singh :- 1%
  • Rajnath  Singh :- 18%
  • Yogi adityanath :- 14%
  • Priyanka Gandhi :- 2%
  • Shiela dikshit :- 1%
As we said, Mayawati still hot favourite for CM candidate, While current CM akhilesh yadav is riding too much on anti-incumbency.

Are you agree with Congress mukt Bharat?

  • 29% says yes, while 54% says NO!

Biggest Issue for next Election

  • Development :- 45%
    Education :- 1%
    Employment :- 21%
    Inflation :- 3%
    Road/Electricity / Drinking Water :- 21%

Also, only 1% people said Ram mandir is still issue in UP. BJP’s 2014 agenda of development will work for them in assembly election as well.

Khel Mahakumbh 2016-17 Online Registration - www.khelmahakumbh.org

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Khelmahakumbh.org - Gujarat Khel mahaKumbh 2016-17 online registration has been begin.  Athletes who wants to be part of this khel mahakumbh can register and can have chance to win up to Rs.42cr of prize money. The Last Date to apply online for the Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh is 15th September, 2016. Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh is state level sports event organized by Gujarat Government every year. There are many sports are being played under this sports event. Sports like kabaddi, kho-kho, judo, basketball, football and many other games are being included in khelmahakumbh. If you are also wants to participate and to win Rs.42cr of cash prize, you can also join khel mahakumbh by registering online.

Khel Mahakumbh 2016-17 Online Registration - www.khelmahakumbh.org

Gujarat Khel mahaKumbh 2016-17 online registration
The event of Khelmahakumbh is being managed by Gujarat Sports Authority (sports ministry of Gujarat) who look after this event, from organizing to registration to prize distribution, everything has been done by Gujarat government. The Gujarat Khelmahakumbh will start from 27th september, 2016 (after Makarsankarnti) and one can register for khel mahakumbh online till 15th September, 2016.

Who can participate in Gujarat Khelmahakumbh 2016?

Anyone can participate in this game event. You can participate as below mentioned different categories. All registration will be done online mode only. You can check out the below information of which category sports people can register for Gujarat khel mahakumbh 2016;
So, as mentioned above, you can register as individual, sports, team, school or college too. You check out the below mentioned details on how to register for Gujarat Khel mahakumbh 2016 Online guide.

How To Register for Gujarat Khelmahakumbh Online 2016?

To register for this sports event, athletes need to fill khelmahakunmbh form online registration 2016. Below is guide on how to fill online registration form of gujarat khel mahakumbh 2016.
Go to http://www.khelmahakumbh.org/ and fill the online application form (official website of Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh 2016)
Enter your name, date of birth, height/weight, Gender, sprots name you want to participate in, your mobile number and email id (you will get password on your mobile number)
Enter your bank details, aadhar card number and full address
Fill the security code and submit the form of khel mahakumh.
This way, you can register for gujarat khel mahakumbh 2016 online. Now check out the list of sports listed under Khel Mahakumbh 2016.

List of Sports Under Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh 2016

You can participate in the below mentioned khel mahakumbh on or before 15th September, 2016;
  •     Athletics
  •     Kabaddi
  •     Kho-Kho
  •     Shooting Ball
  •     Volleyball
  •     Tug of War
  •     Yoga
  •     Swimming
  •     Badminton
  •     Table Tennis
  •     Skating
  •     Taekwondo
  •     Judo
  •     Wrestling
  •     Archery Hockey
  •     Tennis
  •     Gymnastic
  •     Artistic Skating
  •     Shooting
  •     Cycling E
  •     EQuestrian
  •     Weightlifting
  •     Handball
  •     Basket ball
  •     Football

So, Athletes you can participate in the above mentioned sports in khel mahakumbh. You can also download Android/Windows application from your smartphone to apply online. Below are helpline numbers and more details about Guajrat khel mahakumbh 2016.

Helpline Numbers of Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh 2016

If you have any question or query related to Gujarat khel mahakumbh, you can call on 1800 274 4151 (toll free number). There are total 30 games are going to be played under khel mahakumbh 2016.

Schedule of GujaratKhel Mahakumbh 2016

  • Online Registration of khel mahakumbh :- 17th August, 2016 to 15th September, 2016.
  • Ingratiation :- 27th September,2016 at Himmatnagar
  • School Level games :- 27th to 29th September, 2016
  • CRC level games :- 30th sep to 1st october, 2016.
  • Taluka level games :-14th October, 17th October, 2016.
  • District/corp. Level games :- 14th oct to 27th October, 2016.
  • State level Games :- 22nd November to 3rd December 2016.
For more updates on Khel Mahakumbh, keep visiting us.

Samajwadi Party will Give Free Smartphone After wining UP election 2017 – Akhilesh Yadav

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After Free Laptops, Samajwadi party to give Free Smartphones after winning UP Assembly Election 2017. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has told to TOI reporter that, Smartphones are necessary to have, so people can use the infrastructure better. 

In last assembly election, to woo voters, Samajwadi party (SP) had promised Free Laptops and distributed it after winning election. Repeating same formula, Samajwadi party will give Free Smartphone after winning assembly election, which is going to held in 2017.
Free Smartphone samajwadi party

The registration to get free smartphone will start soon (with in months) and free smartphones will be delivered after 1st January, 2017. (After announcement of assembly election). That’s a catch in this announcement, because in early January, the election commission of india will announce the election dates of UP election and that will lead ruling party to wait for election to over.

So, to get free smartphone from akhilesh yadav, people of uttar Pradesh needs to wait for Samajwadi party to get in power back after election. If Samajwadi party fails to get majority in assembly election, you will not get free smartphone.

There will be total setup will be done. From online registration to online distribution of smartphone will be done by UP officials soon. " How can people will get to know about infrastructure schemes, how will the service will get optimum use. youth and farmers needs smartphones to get better use of government service" - said akhilesh yadav to TOI.

Who will be eligible for free smartphone?

To get free smartphone, one needs to have below mentioned eligibility criteria as mentioned by Samajwadi party;
  • Minimum Age 18+ as on 1st January, 2016.
  • Minimum 10 pass (need to upload 10th mark sheet while registering for it)
  • Date of birth certificate

What kind of smartphones and which company’s smartphone will be given?

As of now, there is no clarity given by Samajwadi party for free smartphones. Which company and what features will have the smartphone, is yet to be decided.  We will update you with more details as we get it.

There is noise in media that to prove that they are going to distribute free smartphones, Samajwadi party may distribute few smartphones before election too. So, people will get trust on this freebies scheme. 

Last time, Samajwadi party promised free laptops in 2012 election, even distributed them as promised but not all poor students got it. Caste based politics may again reflect this time too.

Top 10 Longest Highway In India - [National Highways]

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India is very big country, in terms of population and area wise too. And for this big area, we have good network of highway too. India has around 1,00,087 km of national highway network (as on June 2016). And the government of india is making around 36km/per day of highway every day. Since, india is developing country, we must need good infrastructure to develop and increase jobs. Highways are the best infrastructure we can get to develop faster. Almost all states have been connected to national highways in india, but Uttar Pradesh (UP) has biggest network of national highway.

National Highway authority has declared this Datas and according to that, we have summed up the Top 10 Longest Highways in india. Total number of kilometers and starting point/ending point of the highways and states covered by these highways.

List of Longest National Highways of India

Longest National Highways India

#1 NH7 (Varansi,UP to Kanyakumari, TL)

The total length of NH 7 is 2369Km, its starts from Varanasi and ends at Kanyakumari. It connects middle east india to south india. In between, NH7 cross Allahabad, Jabalpur, Rewa, hydrabad, Nagpur, Gooty, Madurai and other big cities. NH7 is the longest highway in india.

If you are looking for a long ride on highway, you can choose NH7 for this. Tamil nadu gets the biggest share of NH7 with 627KM in NH7. Do check out the below video of NH7 Road condition.


From Gujarat’s Hazira to West Begal’s Kolkata, NH6 is 2nd longest national highway in india. With total length of 1949Km, it crosses Gujarat, Maharashtra, chattisgarh, orrisa and west Bengal. As you know Hazira is known port of india. It has big terminal of LNG gas and the reason many big vehicles travels from Hazira to other ports of india.

West Bengal has so many ports and the reason, NH6 joints two ports of india and its have economical importance too. Below is road condition review of NH6 video;


National highway number 5 was build under golden corridor project of ex prime minister atal bihar Vajpayee. Total length of National highway 5 is 1161 Km. NH5 is important highway for east coastal area. It starts from Orissa to Chennai. In between, NH5 crosses Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu states.

#4 NH15 (Pathankot – samakhiali)

From west side of the india to north india, NH15 covers 1526KM of national highway. From Gujarat To Punjab, this is the longest national highway of india. NH15 goes by Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat states. Below is video of NH15 highway review.

#5 NH 2 (Delhi to Kolkata)

One of the busiest national highway of india is NH2.  It starts from Delhi and ends at Kolkata. Total length of NH2 is 1465KM (Distance between delhi to Kolkata). NH2 is actually part of grand trunk road which was connecting India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
By means of economic trades, NH2 has its own importance. Since it connects big metro cities like Delhi, patna, lucknow, Varanasi and kolkata too.
Below is video of NH2;

#6 NH8 Delhi – Mumbai

With trade aspects and metro city wise, NH8 is most important national highway of india. NH8 joins two big main metro cities of india. As a part of national golden Quadrilateral Project, Government of india has developed NH8. And right now NH8 has been converted to six-lane highway. NH8 passes via Rajasthan, delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra.
It covers the big cities like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Valsad, JAipur, Surat, Udaipur, which are one of the most important economical cities of india. Total length of NH8 is 1375km.
Below is video which shows road condition of NH8;

#7 NH17 Panvel – Edapally

NH 17 is connection road of Maharashtra to Kerala. In other words, it connects middle of india to south of india. With total length of 1269Km,NH17 is 7th Longest highway in india. It starts from panvel,Maharashtra and ends at Edapally, Kerala.

In between, NH17 connects big states like Goa, Maharashra, Karnataka and Kerala. It is also known as western coast highway. Below is video of NG17 road condition;

#8 NH4 (Mumbai – Chennai)

Another big national highway which connects two big metro cities. As a part of golden Quadrilateral (under which 4 metro cities were connected with national highways) NH4 was developed. Total length of NH4 is 1235Km. As mentioned above, NH4 starts from Mumbai and ends at Chennai.
In between, it connects big states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and tamil nadu with metro cities. One south Indian movie also named with NH4. Below is road condition of NH4;

#9 NH75 (Gwalior – Parsora)

NH 75 is 1190 KM long and its connects Madhya Pradesh to odisha. From middle of india to east coast of india. NH75 also connects Madhya Pradesh with UP, Jharkhand and odisha. In between, NH 75 connects big cities like Rewa, Jhansi, shaktinagar, and Ranchi.
Below is video review of NH75 national highway;

#10 NH3 (Agra to Mumbai)

NH 3 comes last in the list of top 10 longest national highway  of india. NH3 starts from Agra,UP and ends in Mumbai. It passes via Uttar Pradesh,Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Total length of NH3 is 1161 KM.
Below is video review of NH3;