"Arhar Modi" - Congress to Use New Slogan in UP Election 2017

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi took a jibe "Arhar Modi", at Prime Minister Modi and BJP while speaking in loksabha on Price increase of "dal". As soon as the UP election (and punjab) election is coming near, all parties are started attacking each other. Congress who has no base in Uttar Pradesh, has nominated Shiela Dikshit as Chief minister candidate to attract "Bhrahmin" community.
Arhar Modi

Also, Rahul Gandhi's sister Priyanka Gandhi also will be chief of campaign committee in upcoming days. This catch slogans will be making dent in BJP's vote bank in Uttar Pradesh. As we all know, after whooping elections in 2014 loksabha with 72 seats out of 80 in UP, BJP is most hot favorite party to win assembly elections in UP. And all political parties like Congress, BSP and SP are attacking BJP to stop them getting in power.

Rahul gandhi has said that "earlier there was ghar ghar modi slogans were raised, but now its "arhar modi" slogans has replaced it.". The debate was going on in loksabha over price raise of commodities in indian market.  In response to that, Finance minister Arun Jaitley replied poorly, stating that in UPA's time, there was more price raise. Arhad dal and other are hot favorite issues which also stormed BJP in Bihar elections 2015. And increase of Dal was the biggest set back for BJP in bihar. 

Now, again congress is trying to target Central government on price raise issue and to gain votes in UP.  Though, Rahul gandhi is not the first politician who used "arhar modi" slogan. It was used by Nitish Kumar firstly in december 2015. At the time of bihar election, Nitish kumar has used this, and now rahul gandhi is repeating again.
Source :- http://aajtak.intoday.in/story/nitish-attacks-pm-modi-says-the-new-slogan-is-arhar-modi-1-839274.html

And, not sure if such slogan will help congress but defiantly water mouth SP and BSP in UP election for sure. BSP, who is riding with issues of "ticket selling" from their own MLAs and SP who is fight with high anti-incumbency in UP, such issues like Price raise will damage BJP for sure.

Also, there is 6 months of gap from now for UP election, if BJP succeed in reducing the price of dal, it will again make trouble for other parties. Still, most of the opinion polls on UP are suggesting BJP's win in UP election 2017.


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