"Beti Ke Samman Me BJP Maidan" - BJP's Damage Control

After Bluff Up of Ex-BJP Vice President Dayasankar Singh against Mayavati (as he compared her with prostitute), BSP made strong protest across Uttar Pradesh against BJP but in mean process, Some BSP leaders has abused Dayashankar singh's wife and daughter too. In response, Dayashankar's wife has lodged complaint against BSP leaders and to boost this issue, BJP comes on UP streets with "Beti Ke Samman Me BJP Maidan" slogan.

"Beti Ke Samman Me BJP Maidan" - BJP's Damage Control

Beti Ke Samman Me BJP Maidan
BJP has demanded BSP leader's appology and expel them from the Party.BJP made strong protest against BSP in each district of UP today to make damage control of Dayashankar's comment. Though, BJP has already expelled dayashankar from party for 6 years. National BJP spokespersons and other BJP leaders has also responded to this issue and has demanded apology from BSP leaders.

BSP made it SC/ST insult when BJP Vise president insulted him while BJP made it Women abuse, and these way both party has started the politics abuse. BSP responded abuse with abuse. Dayashankar's wife swati singh said to media that her daughter is in trauma after such comment and registered FIR in hajratgunj police station against Mayavati, BSP leader Nasimudin Siddiqui. While SP government has given security protection to swati singh's family after such incident.

Apart from abuse of politics, its all about vote bank politics. We all know the caste wise population of Uttar Pradesh.Around 21% population is from Sc/ST caste while around 25-26 % population is of upper caste for which BSP and BJP (respectively) eyeing votes for.

While, UP Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has said that there is no doubt what dayashankar has said but he shouldn't use such example, we all know how tickets has been sold in BSP. "BSP leader's shouldn't target dayashanker's wife and daughter", he added.

As soon the election is coming near, UP politics is heating up, get ready to listen more abuse and low level politics. While, prime minister narendra modi has totally ignored this topic in Gorakhpur rally, his 90% speech was focused on development and jobs!


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