BJP CM Candidate for UP Election 2017

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)'s Chief Minister Candidate for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017. BJP, who won thumping 72 Seats out of 80 seats in Uttar pradesh in Lok sabha 2014 election is most favorite and most known player in UP 2017 Assembly Election. In fact, Many opinion polls are already signed Victory of BJP in Upcoming assembly election.

BJP CM Candidate for UP Election 2017

BJP CM Candidate for UP Election 2017
Update 26th Aug:- Confirmed! BJP has decided to announce CM face for UP Election 2017. As per the Source, BJP president Amit Shah and Bhaiyaaji Joshi (RSS) met last night and decided to make surveys in Uttar Pradesh. On the result of survey, BJP will announce the CM face by Dussehra- diwali.

Update :- As per some Source, BJP will announce its Chief Minister Candidate Between Dussherah and Diwali 2016 (october 11 - Oct 30). Keshav Prasad Maurya (BJP state chief) is hot favorite. 

But Only thing BJP is missing is Chief Minister Candidate. The problem is, after announcement of Shiela Dikshit as CM candidate for UP by congress, BJP is under pressure to announce CM Candidate. Earlier, Party has made mood to go without CM candidate in upcoming election. But after Congress's step, BJP has to announce CM candidate.

Why BJP is not announcing CM Candidate yet?

The Biggest Political Party in the world, defiantly has more than 10 eligible candidate for india's biggest state assembly election. Rajnath singh, Smriti Irani, Yogi Adityanath, Sanjiv Balyan, Uma Bharti and many more candidates are in line. In such scene, any party will go with out leading one, as the chance of party may split are quite high. But now they has to announce.

Will Rajnath Singh Lead BJP in Uttar pradesh?

After so many rumors, Only 2 names are coming up for CM face in BJP. Rajnath Singh or Smriti Irani. Smriti Irani who fought LS election against Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Current Textile minister, Rajya sabha MP from Gujarat, was most talked name in recent. But She looks inexperienced for biggest state of india for sure. On the other hand, Rajnath singh, who is at 2nd no in current indian government, Home Minister and Ex-Chief Minister of UP, is hot favorite to win CM race.

But, Rajnath singh looks in no mood, to go off from 2nd spot in government.Recently, Rajnath singh has denied of being CM candidate (even despite, CM post offered by Amit shah and PM Modi). But sources says BJP will pressure Rajnath singh to accept the proposal.

Is it necessary to announce CM Candidate?

As so of now, we have clear leaders from all other parties. Samajwadi party (SP) will go with Akhilesh yadav as no other leader looks promising from SP, BSP already riding on Mayawati and Congress has already announced their CM face.

So, only BJP is left with no CM face, its better for BJP to announce CM candidate, else they will lose the big battle. And that BJP will not tolerate for sure.  We are writing off Varun Gandhi, Kalyan Singh and Kalraj Mishra as 2 of them are already gone 75+ and Varun Gandhi who known for Anti-RSS will not be promoted for sure. BJP may take Kalyan Singh's Help in campaign, but will not make him CM candidate.

So, as per the current scenario, we should wait for the official notification from BJP to announce their CM Candidate for Uttar Pradesh.


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