PM Modi in Gorakhpur to Inaugurat AIIMS and Fertilizers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Gorakhpur, UP today to lay the foundation stone of AIIMS (All india institute of Medical Sciences) and to start Gorakhpur fertilizer plant which was shutdown since years. The visit has its own importance because of upcoming assembly elections in state and recently controversies over dalit atrocity. 

PM Modi in Gorakhpur to Inaugurat AIIMS and Fertilizers

PM Modi in Gorakhpur to Inaugurat AIIMS and Fertilizers
Also, the Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur, Shri Yogi Adityanath ji is said to be one of the leading person in CM race of BJP. After Rajnath singh, Yogi adityanath has got best support from BJP supporter to make him CM face of UP. Yogi adityanath is 5 term MP from Gorakhpur and known face of pro-hidutva follower.

Coming back to the AIIMS and fertilizer plant. Government of india has approved Rs.1011cr for AIIMS in Gorakhpur, UP. AIIMS in Gorakhpur (which is purvanchal region of UP) will not only benefit people of UP but also give benefit to Bihar people. Around 10 crore people will get benefit of new AIIMS at Gorakhpur. Improved medical facility, high class hospital in nearest place will enhance region health condition too. Demand of AIIMS in UP was pending from long time. Now, UP people will get benefit of it.

Restarting old fertilizer will give more employment to young generation of UP. In india, yearly demand of Urea is 32 MT out of which we need to import 6-9 MT from other countries. Opening this fertilizer will help farmers of UP to get Urea easily and at market price.

2 fertilizers units in Sindri, Gorakhpur and Barauni to be reopened, after 26 years. These 2 fertilizers will produce 1.2 million tons of Urea per year. This will meet the demand of purvanchal region of india. Farmers don’t need to go long distance to get urea, will create more employment and accelerate economic growth of region. 

Top leaders like Governor of UP shri Ram Naike, Anant Kumar, Health Minister Jagat prakash Nadda, Power Minister Piyush goyal, Anupriya patel, radhe syam singh, Kamlesh paswan and yogi adityanath will be present at the inauguration ceremony. 

Also, these 2 new inauguration will help BJP in upcoming assembly election of UP for sure.


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