Sheila Dikshit UP CM Candidate from Congress for UP Elections 2017

Former Delhi Chief Minister and Senior Congress Leader Sheila Dikshit announced as CM candidate from Congress for UP Elections 2017. Today, Congress high commission has announced after state representative Gulab Nabi Azad and State congress president Raj Babbar had meeting with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi (Vice president).

Sheila Dikshit UP CM Candidate from Congress for UP Elections 2017

Sheila Dikshit UP CM Candidate
To woo Bhrahmin votes, Congress needed a good brahmin face and Sheila Dikshit is good brahmin face. As we all know, Congress is no were to form government in Uttar Pradesh as they have 2 seats in Loksabha out of 80 and only 8% vote share in assembly election, Congress will try to fetch as many votes as possible and will negotiate with other parties after election.

78 year old Sheila Dikshit who served as Chief minister of Delhi for 15 years will now be major face of UP election 2017 for congress. Earlier we heard about Priyanka Gandhi as chief minister candidate, later Rahul Gandhi's name also announced, but After consulting with Prashant Kishore (Congress election strategist for UP and Punjab), congress has announced Brahmin face.

2 year back Congress announced Raj babbar (Rajysabha MP from Uttrakhand), Sanjay singh as Chief of campaign committee, and now Chief Minister face as Sheila Dikshit. None of the above name belongs to UP and the reason, it looks quite hard luck for congress to win in Uttar pradesh assembly election 2016.

The election date of UP assembly is December end or January 2017. All the political parties are gearing up for the biggest state assembly election. We are also going to cover each and every thing of UP Assembly Election, keep visiting

Sheila Dikshit has served 15 years as CM of delhi, later her government was defeated by newly made political party, Aam Aadmi Party with whooping 67/70 assembly seats. Sheila Dikshit was also named under commonwealth Game scam, Water tanker scam and CNG Scam too.

Congress is first party among 4 major parties in UP (SP, BSP, BJP) to announce CM Candidate for UP election 2017. SP will go for Akhilesh yadav while BSP will be again lead by Mayawati while BJP still confused between whom to announce as CM face.

Its a tough road ahead for Congress in UP, if congress doesn't perform well, Congress on its way to die.


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