ABP News - Cicero Opinion Poll - UP Election 2016-17

ABP News and Cicero has conducted latest survey cum opinion poll on upcoming Assembly Election in Uttar pradesh 2017. As the election is coming near, more political opinion poll will be conducted in UP and more news will be published. We are covering all the opinion polls for Uttar Pradesh Election. Below is detail of the latest opinion poll of abp news.

ABP News - Cicero Opinion Poll - UP Election 2016-17

Agency Name :- Cicero
News Channel :- ABP News
Date of Opinion poll :- Between 24th and 25th July, 2016.
Sample Size :- 1000 people
Number of assembly covered :- 10 Assembly of UP

This opinion poll was conducted after announcement of Shiela dikshit as CM candidate from Congress and dalit atrocity in Gujarat. The latest dalit atrocity has raised so many political equations in UP too. Also, this opinion poll also reflects the Dayashankar and swati singh episode too. Below is some questions being answered by 1000 people under ABP News-Cicero Opinion Poll 2016.

1. Who is best candidate for Chief Minister Post in UP?

A:- Akhilesh Yadav (28%)
B:- Mayawati (25%)
C:- Yogi Adityanath (17%)
D:- Keshav Prasad Maurya (6%)
E :- Shiela Dikshit (5%)
F :-Others (8%)
G :- Can't Say (11%).

As per the opinion poll, Akhilesh yadav still has good chance to bounce back, while BJP must need to declared their CM candidate And for congress, no good news as of now.

2. On which issue UP will vote in upcoming Election?

A :- Development (78%)
B:- Caste (7%)
C:- Religion (5%)
D:- Others (2%)
E :- Can't say (8%)

Good! Prime minister's last rally in gorakhpur has 80% covered on development issues only.

3. For Congress, can Priyanka gandhi bring back Congress in UP?

A:- Yes (19%)
B:- NO (51%)
C:- Can't Say (30%).

Untill, you make priyanka gandhi a political face, she won't be effective, Fact!

4. For Congress, whom should be national president of INC?

A:- Rahul Gandhi (59%)
B:- Priyanka Gandhi (41%).

Good numbers of Congress supporter believes Rahul gandhi should national INC president.

5. Who Will win UP assembly election 2017?

A:- BJP (32%)
B :- SP (26%)
C :- BSP (24%)
D :- Congress (7%)
E :- Hung assembly (4%)
F :- Can't say (7%). 

This must be shocking for BSP. As per the opinion poll, BSP riding at 3rd position in UP. Even behind the SP. After some big leaders like Maurya and chaudhary left the party, BSP is having no big leaders in party expect BSP suprimo Mayawati.

It was small survey with just 1000 sample size, but still it some how gives you current scenario. Also, after bulandshahr rape incident, there will be some change in SP backing. The next opinion poll will be released in some time. We will update you with all latest opinion polls of UP.


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