ABP News-Lokniti/CSDs Opinion Poll [August 2016]

Another Opinion Poll on Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017.This time ABP news and Lokniti/CSDs has conducted opinion poll on upcoming UP election 2017. According to the Opinion poll conducted by ABP news, there is no single political party getting clear majority. As of now, UP is going for hung assembly. 

ABP News-Lokniti/CSDs Opinion Poll [August 2016]

ABP News Opinion Poll
Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)- Lokniti and ABP News has conducted this opinion poll on 2nd week of August, 2016. Below is more details about the latest opinion poll of ABP news CSDS.

Seat Sharing As per Latest Opinion Poll 2016

As mentioned above, non of the political party getting majority as of now. But still, 6 months to go for the election and things can change anytime soon.

BJP :- 124-134
BSP :- 103-113
SP :- 141-151
Congress :- 8-14
Rest goes to others.

SP getting highest seat sharing is too shocking. As they are riding on anti-incumbency very high and BJP gaining momentum, while BSP is loosing the game, and congress seems no where in the game.

Party wise Vote Share Percentage

Here again, SP is giving night mare to BJP and BSP. 

SP :- 30%
BJP :- 27%
BSP :- 26%
Congress :- 5%

Major Issues for Upcoming Election

Development :- 33%
Price Rise :- 18%
Unemployment :- 10% 

Satisfaction with Govt

CM's work :- 61% satisfied, 32 % dissatisfied
SP govt work ;- 60% satisfied, 33% not satisfied

PM 's work :- 68% satisfied, 22 % dissatisfied
NDA govt work :- 63% satisfied, 23% dissatisfied.

Best choice for CM Candidate

Akhilesh Yadav :- 24%
Mayawati :- 24%
Rajnath Singh :- 7%
Yogi adityanath :- 5%
Mulayam Singh :- 4%
Varun Gandhi :- 3%

Caste Wise Party Support

Upper caste :- BJP (55%)
yadav :- SP (68% )
Other OBC:- BJP (38%)
JAtav :- BSP (75%)
Muslim :- SP (62%)

So, as of now its 3 corner fight. But BJP is catching up from last opinion poll, BSP is loosing it and SP making strong comeback.


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