Amit Shah Interview - BJP will Win With Huge Majority

Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017, Amit shah talked to Economic Times about pre-poll strategy. Amit Shah, National President of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), who helped Narendra modi to get 72/80 seats in 2014 Loksabha Election, is one more time took responsibility to get BJP India’s biggest state. This interview was published on Economic times on 26th august, 2016. Interview taken by Rohini Singh (Senior Editor ET). Amit Shah has spoken about each and everything of the recent controversies in this interview.

Samajwadi party is Biggest Rival of BJP, not BSP.

To divide the dalit/minority vote, BJP is targeting SP. Samajwadi party who got thumping majority in last assembly election, is facing high anti-incumbency. Targeting SP will help BJP. BSP who is looking strong has been weakening after exit of top leaders like SP Maurya and many more. While minority votes are about to get divided between SP/BSP/Cong.

BJP will Get Thumping Majority in Upcoming Election

Amit Shah Interview
Amit Shah said that people of UP has mad their mind. They are looking for change. And only BJP can give them proper development, 24*7 electricity and good law& order condition in the state. He also mentioned that in 2014, he has mentioned that BSP will get less than 5 seats but no one believed him, this time too, he is super confident that people will vote for development and give 2/3 majority to BJP.

BJP will Break BSP-SP Power Cycle in UP

From last 14 years, BSP and SP have got power in UP simultaneously. But this time BJP is confident that people will vote for change. People of UP are fed up of both of the party. Janta ne parivartan ka decision le liya hain. SP has given law less government and BSP was full of corruption. Narendra modi’s govt has given corruption free government and better economic condition in india. People will Trust BJP again.

Congress is playing Worst Caste card, will be failed for sure.

Amit shah said that BJP can’t think of such extent of caste based politics as congress did. Congress has announced Shiela dikshit as CM candidate to lure Brahmin votes in UP. Amit shah confident that Congress has no base in UP, they will be failed in UP again. People will not vote for vote broker.

Dalit Protest is Totally Politically Motivated

BJP has done most work for dalits. In all the non NDA ruled states, Dalit atrocity and dalit backwardness is quite higher than NDA ruled states. BJP lead NDA government has given Mudra Yojana, Stand Up india for giving employment to dalits in india. Opposition is playing dalit card again against BJP, will fail, its 100% politically motivated, says Amit shah.

I only care for 51%, Where rest 49% goes, i don’t care

BJP president has mentioned that his political strategy has focused on 51% of people of the state. He has created plan for each of the seats.  He does not care whom Muslim vote and which party they favour.

BJP has not decided on CM candidate yet

BJP has not decided to go with CM face or without CM Face in UP. Rajnath Singh is not so obvious choice. But bhaiyaaji joshi and Amit shah met and decided to have 2 different surveys, after that party will decide on CM face. CM candidate will be announced before diwali 2016.

Everything is Fine between Ananadiben and Amit Shah.

Amit shah rejected any charge of relation spoiled with anandiben patel (former CM of Gujarat). He said that she wished to tender her resignation, party obliged it and relived her from the post. Congress is still not big contender in Gujarat, BJP will win Gujarat Again. No drift in BJP Gujarat, everything is fine, BJP work as a team. And Amit shah did not wish to go back Gujarat.

Youth are like this only, Nothing wrong in Student agitation

Though, slongas raised at JNU should not be raised, should not allowed in india. But yuva aise he hain..unmain jhik jhik chalti rehti hain. Do bade student group hain, dono main kahan suni chalti rehti hain. Media is giving hype to JNU students, such incidents are happened earlier too.

Modi government to stay in power for Next 3-4 Terms

Formation and work of the current government is only beneficial if BJP remains in power for next 20-25 years. Don’t just stop on winning one or two terms, BJP needs to keep winning the elections.

That’s all from the latest interview of BJP President Amit shah, you can read the entire interview here. For more updates on UP election, keep visiting us.


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