Who will be Prime Minister Candidate from Opposition In 2019?

Before we go to the UP assembly election 2017, the buzz for 2019 prime minister Candidate is already started in opposition. Yes, the opposition who got united in Bihar to defeat BJP cum Narendra modi seems not united for the Prime Minister Candidate from Opposition parties. Here is out take on who will be the strongest candidate for Prime Minister Office in 2019.

Who will be Prime Minister Candidate from Opposition In 2019?

Prime Minister Candidate 2019
After 2014’s historical general election, where BJP got 282+ seats, has transformed the Indian politics completely. Earlier, in general election, no prime minister candidate was used to announce. Political parties in india used to fight the election on candidate based and after winning the election, biggest party with majority choose their prime minister candidate. But 2014 was different, in which BJP (Bhartiya janta party) had announced Shree Narendra Modi has Prime Minister Candidate before 10 months of the election. And he won with thumping majority. Now in 2019, opposition will also go like this; president style election is what india is going for.

Not just Prime Minister, Chief minister candidates are now also started announcing for state elections. Like in bihar Nitish kumar was CM candidate of grand alliance, Sonowal for Assam form BJP, Arvind Kejriwal for Delhi, Captain Amrinder singh for Punjab from Congress, jaylalitha for Tamilnadu from AIAMDMK, Mamta banerjee from WB and so on. Almost all the state election post 2014, all political parties has tasted this presidential style election. Now for 2019, BJP’s PM candidate is but obvious Narendra Modi will go for 2nd term, but from opposition, Its quite tough competition, here is some of the candidates who can be PM candidate in 2019 from opposition.

#1 :- Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Indian National Congress who got just 44 seats in 2014 election has geared up for next elections. He is being projected as big face in UP assembly election; He was creator of Grand Alliance in Bihar. Also, he got the social media manager cum strategist Prashant Kishore who played big role in 2014 election for narendra modi and 2015 election for Nitish Kumar. No doubt, Congress is has very low vote share in country, but it is the only party which can give tough fight to BJP/Namo in 2019. The party base of Congress is quite strong. Rural areas are very well with Congress. 

Congress can easily bounce back and from Congress no one other showing guts to get in big position as Rahul Gandhi is. What there it is congress dynasty politics or anything, From Congress it will be Rahul Gandhi only leader, soon will be take President Seat of INC too.

#2 Nitish Kumar

5 times Chief Minister of Bihar, face of grand alliance and one of the strongest leaders with good governance experience. If you visit bihar, you will get one name from all section of community, and that is nitish kumar. Though, he made blunder by resigning after 2014 election defeat. But nitish kumar does not have big party base like Congress has in opposition. Out of bihar, its tough for nitish kumar to find votes. And the reason he is roaming around other states and trying hard to create party base out side bihar. But its not 1-2 year of game to create party base in all states, it takes years to create it. UP election is the only chance for nitish kumar to show his strength. JDU has already announced that they are going to fight election in UP. If JDU performs well in UP, he might get good media footage and can be national hero. 

But at the same time, congress has put all its strength in Punjab and up election. As if congress lose both states (on which congress has zero presence in UP), and AAP wins Punjab, it will be AK vs NIKU fight for PM candidate.

#3 Mamta Banerjee

Mamta Banerjee has similar profile has nitish kumar has. She got 3rd term in West Bengal recently that too on her own, she didn’t need anyone’s support. She was party’s face in election and got 2/3rd majority. She got good experience too, but same problem. TMC has no party base outside WB. Also, its quite tough to convince all parties on the her name for PM candidate. She even gave warning to center government for not to create trouble in west Bengals administration decision. And she will do protest in delhi after 90 days ultimatum.

But its too tough for mamta banerjee to win all LS seats and form government in Delhi. She needs to take Congress/JDU/AAP and other parties with her. Which hardly look possible.

#4 Jayalalithaa

Jayaraman Jayalalithaa, Chief of AIADMK , chief minister of tamil nadu can be also good contest. AIADMK who got 2nd term power in tamil nadu recently, has very less chance that she try to move her base in delhi. Tamil nadu is not hindi speaking state, so AIADMK’s party base is quite short and limited to 2-3 states only. And south india has quite big language politics which jayalalithaa can’t handle outside Tamil nadu. Also, she is known as old friend of Narendra Modi, and had rumours too that she will join NDA soon. So, it might happen Narendra modi wish to get her support in 2019.

#5 Arvind Kejriwal

The Aam aadmi party’s convener, chief minister of Delhi, Arvind kejriwal is making too much noice, taking directly with PM Modi has good wish to fight 2019 PM election. In fact, AAP party which was born in 2013, after anti-corruption agitation, had fought all seats of general election and won only 4. After BJP, AAP has strong hand on Social media, and after winning delhi assembly election with full majority, AAP has spend lot of money in advertisements in other states. AAP has already announced to fight election in Gujarat, Punjab, Goa, Jharkhand too. Out of which, Punjab seems easy win for AAP party where they got 4 LS seats in 2014 general election.

But again, AAP cannot win on its own next general election. And Arvind kejriwal who extended unconditional support to nitish kumar in bihar election has already shown his ambition to become PM candidate in next election. In fact, arvind kejriwal daily tweets and targets Prime minister for every small things of delhi and enjoys good media footage. If AAP wins Punjab, than AK will comes up with double force and will take on NAMO directly in 2019, but if they lose, all dreams of AAP may vanished in seconds. So, all eyes are right now on UP election and Punjab.

While, Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi can settle between anyone, but Arvind kejriwal, its tough game. As he has not alliance with Congress, and he cannot make national alliance either. And if he makes alliance with congress again, its pure loss for AAP.

#6 Mayawati/ Mulayam Singh Yadav

Very less chance. Mayawati or Mulayam, anyone can win or lose the UP election, they can only extends the help to other alliance, like they did in past. SP and BSP is only big enough parties in UP only. And BSP was even not able to win single seat in 2014 election. Mayawati might take on Modi, she can try but chances are very less.

What about BJP in 2019?

For BJP, Road to 2019 election goes via winning UP assembly election 2017. If BJP wins next assembly election UP, it might happen that all political parties join hands against BJP in 2019. But in that case, it will be tough competition between Nitish kumar and Rahul Gandhi.But if BJP lose the UP election (which doesn’t look like), than BJP can try any other leader like Amit shah, shivraj singh/rajnath singh/ sushma swaraj for 2019 or Narendra modi can continue, anything can happen.


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