1012 Rape Cases in Uttar Pradesh in Last 5 Months - UP Govt

Everyday local newspapers of uttar Pradesh publish new story of rape case in state. Here we are publishing new latest story of rape case in uttar Pradesh, new data which will shock you about the state’s law and order situation.  Below are some interesting data which will open your eyes and will force you to rethink about the state.

1012 Rape Cases in Uttar Pradesh in Last 5 Months - UP Govt

Rape Cases in Uttar Pradesh
As per official data, in last five months, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed 1012 rape case and 4520 case of women harrasement. This data is taken during the time of 15th March,2016 to 18th August, 2016. Apart from Rape cases, 1386 case of loot and 86 case of dacoity (kidnapping) registered in the state. This was the written answer filed by the state government in assembly.

While the one government official has published this data, UP government’s minister Azam khan has claimed that there 33% of sharp decline of crimes in state. Yes, according to Patrika news, Azam khan (whose buffalo has been found by UP police) has claimed this. All this things are happening around when the state is going in assembly election in upcoming days.

The question of law and order was asked by BJP MLA Satish Mahana who fought election from Kanpur  Cantonment. In reply to Mahana’s question, government has replied with official data. This is quite shocking. We have recently witnessed Bulandshahr gangrape on state highway which was happened just few days back.

In which we have been told that 7 police officials were suspended because of poor service. The rape victim needs to wait for 3 hrs on road side and no one helped. The victim of gangrape was caught after 5 days of crime.

The law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is quite serious and all political parties are busy in upcoming election. No one is looking after it and its getting worse day by day. This is now officially accepted by UP Government.

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