Shardiya Navratri 2016 | Durga Puja 2016

The 9 days long festival, Dance Festival of Hindu religion is Navratri 2016. In Navratri, Hindu people devote for Maa Druga for 9 days. In different parts of india, people devotee different way to goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated on theme of victory over evil powers. 

This year, in 2016, Navratri will be celebrated from 1st October, 2016 to 10th October, 2016. After finish of navratri, on the 10th day, Dussehra or vijya dashmi festival will be celebrated. Vijya Dashmi cum Dussehra falls on 11th Ocotber, 2016. 

Importance of Navratri in Hindu Religion 

Shardiya Navratri 2016 | Durga Puja 2016
During the 9 days of navratri, devotees do fasting, praying for goddess durga. Some part of india devotee Maa Ambe during navratri. Kolkata and west begal side of india devotee maa durga, prepare idol of maa durga, and devotee maa durga for 9 days with lots of joy. While in west india side (Gujarat, Maharashtra) people do Garba (dance form of devotion). They sing and dance on the songs of maa ambe. It’s totally joyful festival. 

On the other side, some historian also said that garba is pure form of celebrating mother hood. Women’s put vessels of waist take on their head and dance with it. Devotees seek blessings of Maa Durga, Ambe, Saraswati and lakshmi in navratri 2016. 

There is 2 navratri fall in single hindu calendar. One is Chaitra navratri in which only devotional things are done. Chaitra navratri falls in chaitra month of hindu calendar. While Shardiya navratri is celebrated with Garba, which fall in September/October month everyyear.Maha Navratri is also called to Navratri 2016. 

In shardiya Navratri, they choose nine different colors to celebrate the navtari and do different devotional work. Below is list of Nav-ratri festival , day wise celebration and what celebrated is mentioned below.
Navratri 1st day Shailputri Puja (Grey Color) 1st October, 2016
Navratri 2nd day Chandra Darshan (organe) 2nd October, 2016
Navratri 3rd day Brahmacharini Puja (white) 3rd October, 2016
Navratri 4th Day Chandraghanta Puja (red) 4th October, 2016
Navratri 5th Day Kushmanda Puja (royal blue) 5th October, 2016
Navratri 6th Day Skandamata Puja(yellow) 6th October, 2016
Navratri 7th Day Katyayani Puja (Green) 7th October, 2016
Navratri 8th Day Kalaratri Puja (Peacock green) 8th October, 2016
Navratri 9th Day Saraswati Puja (purple) 9th October, 2016
Navratri 10th Day Maha Navmi 10th October, 2016

That's all from Navratri 2016. Enjoy Navratri, devotee Maa Druga and take her blessings. May Lord Durga Fulfil all your dreams !


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