Samajwadi Party will Give Free Smartphone After wining UP election 2017 – Akhilesh Yadav

After Free Laptops, Samajwadi party to give Free Smartphones after winning UP Assembly Election 2017. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has told to TOI reporter that, Smartphones are necessary to have, so people can use the infrastructure better. 

In last assembly election, to woo voters, Samajwadi party (SP) had promised Free Laptops and distributed it after winning election. Repeating same formula, Samajwadi party will give Free Smartphone after winning assembly election, which is going to held in 2017.
Free Smartphone samajwadi party

The registration to get free smartphone will start soon (with in months) and free smartphones will be delivered after 1st January, 2017. (After announcement of assembly election). That’s a catch in this announcement, because in early January, the election commission of india will announce the election dates of UP election and that will lead ruling party to wait for election to over.

So, to get free smartphone from akhilesh yadav, people of uttar Pradesh needs to wait for Samajwadi party to get in power back after election. If Samajwadi party fails to get majority in assembly election, you will not get free smartphone.

There will be total setup will be done. From online registration to online distribution of smartphone will be done by UP officials soon. " How can people will get to know about infrastructure schemes, how will the service will get optimum use. youth and farmers needs smartphones to get better use of government service" - said akhilesh yadav to TOI.

Who will be eligible for free smartphone?

To get free smartphone, one needs to have below mentioned eligibility criteria as mentioned by Samajwadi party;
  • Minimum Age 18+ as on 1st January, 2016.
  • Minimum 10 pass (need to upload 10th mark sheet while registering for it)
  • Date of birth certificate

What kind of smartphones and which company’s smartphone will be given?

As of now, there is no clarity given by Samajwadi party for free smartphones. Which company and what features will have the smartphone, is yet to be decided.  We will update you with more details as we get it.

There is noise in media that to prove that they are going to distribute free smartphones, Samajwadi party may distribute few smartphones before election too. So, people will get trust on this freebies scheme. 

Last time, Samajwadi party promised free laptops in 2012 election, even distributed them as promised but not all poor students got it. Caste based politics may again reflect this time too.


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