Top 10 Longest Highway In India - [National Highways]

India is very big country, in terms of population and area wise too. And for this big area, we have good network of highway too. India has around 1,00,087 km of national highway network (as on June 2016). And the government of india is making around 36km/per day of highway every day. Since, india is developing country, we must need good infrastructure to develop and increase jobs. Highways are the best infrastructure we can get to develop faster. Almost all states have been connected to national highways in india, but Uttar Pradesh (UP) has biggest network of national highway.

National Highway authority has declared this Datas and according to that, we have summed up the Top 10 Longest Highways in india. Total number of kilometers and starting point/ending point of the highways and states covered by these highways.

List of Longest National Highways of India

Longest National Highways India

#1 NH7 (Varansi,UP to Kanyakumari, TL)

The total length of NH 7 is 2369Km, its starts from Varanasi and ends at Kanyakumari. It connects middle east india to south india. In between, NH7 cross Allahabad, Jabalpur, Rewa, hydrabad, Nagpur, Gooty, Madurai and other big cities. NH7 is the longest highway in india.

If you are looking for a long ride on highway, you can choose NH7 for this. Tamil nadu gets the biggest share of NH7 with 627KM in NH7. Do check out the below video of NH7 Road condition.


From Gujarat’s Hazira to West Begal’s Kolkata, NH6 is 2nd longest national highway in india. With total length of 1949Km, it crosses Gujarat, Maharashtra, chattisgarh, orrisa and west Bengal. As you know Hazira is known port of india. It has big terminal of LNG gas and the reason many big vehicles travels from Hazira to other ports of india.

West Bengal has so many ports and the reason, NH6 joints two ports of india and its have economical importance too. Below is road condition review of NH6 video;


National highway number 5 was build under golden corridor project of ex prime minister atal bihar Vajpayee. Total length of National highway 5 is 1161 Km. NH5 is important highway for east coastal area. It starts from Orissa to Chennai. In between, NH5 crosses Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu states.

#4 NH15 (Pathankot – samakhiali)

From west side of the india to north india, NH15 covers 1526KM of national highway. From Gujarat To Punjab, this is the longest national highway of india. NH15 goes by Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat states. Below is video of NH15 highway review.

#5 NH 2 (Delhi to Kolkata)

One of the busiest national highway of india is NH2.  It starts from Delhi and ends at Kolkata. Total length of NH2 is 1465KM (Distance between delhi to Kolkata). NH2 is actually part of grand trunk road which was connecting India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
By means of economic trades, NH2 has its own importance. Since it connects big metro cities like Delhi, patna, lucknow, Varanasi and kolkata too.
Below is video of NH2;

#6 NH8 Delhi – Mumbai

With trade aspects and metro city wise, NH8 is most important national highway of india. NH8 joins two big main metro cities of india. As a part of national golden Quadrilateral Project, Government of india has developed NH8. And right now NH8 has been converted to six-lane highway. NH8 passes via Rajasthan, delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra.
It covers the big cities like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Valsad, JAipur, Surat, Udaipur, which are one of the most important economical cities of india. Total length of NH8 is 1375km.
Below is video which shows road condition of NH8;

#7 NH17 Panvel – Edapally

NH 17 is connection road of Maharashtra to Kerala. In other words, it connects middle of india to south of india. With total length of 1269Km,NH17 is 7th Longest highway in india. It starts from panvel,Maharashtra and ends at Edapally, Kerala.

In between, NH17 connects big states like Goa, Maharashra, Karnataka and Kerala. It is also known as western coast highway. Below is video of NG17 road condition;

#8 NH4 (Mumbai – Chennai)

Another big national highway which connects two big metro cities. As a part of golden Quadrilateral (under which 4 metro cities were connected with national highways) NH4 was developed. Total length of NH4 is 1235Km. As mentioned above, NH4 starts from Mumbai and ends at Chennai.
In between, it connects big states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and tamil nadu with metro cities. One south Indian movie also named with NH4. Below is road condition of NH4;

#9 NH75 (Gwalior – Parsora)

NH 75 is 1190 KM long and its connects Madhya Pradesh to odisha. From middle of india to east coast of india. NH75 also connects Madhya Pradesh with UP, Jharkhand and odisha. In between, NH 75 connects big cities like Rewa, Jhansi, shaktinagar, and Ranchi.
Below is video review of NH75 national highway;

#10 NH3 (Agra to Mumbai)

NH 3 comes last in the list of top 10 longest national highway  of india. NH3 starts from Agra,UP and ends in Mumbai. It passes via Uttar Pradesh,Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Total length of NH3 is 1161 KM.
Below is video review of NH3;


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