India Today - Axis UP Opinion Poll - BJP All the Way to Sweep UP Assembly Election 2017

India Today and Axis Survey Company has conducted new opinion poll in September-October, 2016. And some interesting figures came out in favour of BJP, SP and BSP. Congress seems totally white washed in UP election 2017 as per the latest opinion poll of India Today. Do check the details of the India Today-Axis Opinion poll on UP assembly Election 2016.

India Today-Axis Opinion poll on UP assembly Election 2016

  • Date Opinion poll conducted: - 5th September to 5th October, 2016.
  • Total Sample Size: - 60 Surveys conducted (face to face) with 22231 sample size.
  • Assembly constituency Covered: - all (403).

Seat sharing :- 

India Today-Axis Opinion poll
As per the India today survey, as of now, no political party is getting full majority but BJP is heading above all.

BJP :- 170-182 seats
BSP :- 115-124
SP :- 94-103
Congress :- 8-12

Voting Percentage Share party wise

BJP :- 31%
BSP :- 28%
SP :- 25%
Congress :- 6%

Caste wise Voting Percentage

As per the opinion poll, Yadav and Muslims are highly behind SP. Despite Yadav Family War, people still are going with Yadavs. And Muslims are still trusting Mulayam yadav over BSP supreme Mayawati or Rahul Gandhi.

Bhrahmin voters whom are lured most by BSP and Congress are going with Saffron Party BJP. Around 55% bhrahmins are going with BJP, while OBC voters are also highly polarized with BJP after Mayawati vs swati singh chapter.

While, Dalit are still strongly attached with Mayawati, they are not divided like yadav voters who highly attached with SP.

While, Congress has to find their core voters. Also, this survey was conducted between the time when Rahul Gandhi was doing yatras in all areas of UP. Khat Sabha and other sabhas are not turning good for Congress at all.

Also, playing bhrahmin CM candidate card (Sheila dikshit), its not helping congress at all. Do check out below images for more insight of this opinion poll.

Best CM candidate as per poll

  • Mayawati :- 31%
  • Akhilesh Yadav :- 27%
  • Mulayan Singh :- 1%
  • Rajnath  Singh :- 18%
  • Yogi adityanath :- 14%
  • Priyanka Gandhi :- 2%
  • Shiela dikshit :- 1%
As we said, Mayawati still hot favourite for CM candidate, While current CM akhilesh yadav is riding too much on anti-incumbency.

Are you agree with Congress mukt Bharat?

  • 29% says yes, while 54% says NO!

Biggest Issue for next Election

  • Development :- 45%
    Education :- 1%
    Employment :- 21%
    Inflation :- 3%
    Road/Electricity / Drinking Water :- 21%

Also, only 1% people said Ram mandir is still issue in UP. BJP’s 2014 agenda of development will work for them in assembly election as well.


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