India Today - Axis Punjab Opinion Poll - Punjab Assembly Election 2017

India Today and Axis Survey Company has Done Opinion Poll on Punjab assembly election 2017. The latest opinion poll is shocking result for AAP. AAP (aam aadmi party) who won 4 Loksabha seat in 2014 was hot favorite in last few elections, but now in latest opinion poll, AAP has been overtaken by Congress. And SAD+BJP alliance which is ruling now, has been damaged with high anti-incumbency.  Do check out more details on Punjab Opinion poll by India Today axis Poll.

India Today - Axis Punjab Opinion Poll - Punjab Assembly Election 2017

The India today opinion poll was conducted on 1st week of October, 2016. Below is sample size of this opinion poll.
  • Sample Size :- 6552
  • Total assembly constituency covered :- 117
Below is more details of the opinion poll on Punjab election 2017.
India Today - Axis Punjab Opinion Poll

Seat Sharing Party Wise

SAD-BJP :- 17-21 seats
Congress :- 49-55
AAP :- 42-46

Voting Percentage Political party

BJP-SAD :- 22%
Congress :- 33%
AAP :- 30%
Others :- 15%

AAP who were getting 100 seats in 6 month old opinion poll has been reduced at 2nd spot with new opinion poll. This is big setback for them, also prashant kishore who was hired by Captain amrinder singh has been doing good work for him.

Best choice for CM candidate

Capt.Amrinder Singh :-33%
Prakash Singh Badal :-25%
Arvind Kejriwal :- 15%
Bhagwat Mann Singh :- 8%
Sukhbir Singh Badal :- 3%

So, as of now Congress Capt Amarinder singh is hot favourite for being CM and fetching good votes too. AAP’s delhi performance is damaging their votes in Punjab, also Non Punjabi CM face is also hurting AAP.

Drug A major Problem?

Yes :- 76%
No :- 12%
Don’t Know: - 12%

Anti-incumbency level

61% - 77% for government

Satisfied with Government Work?

On Roads: - 69% satisfied, 38% unsatisfied
On electricity: - 65% satisfied, 27% unsatisfied

At this way, Badal government has not loosed much as they are being shown. Also, SAD and BJP is doing well in Caste politics and rural areas while AAP is quite weak on caste lines. 

The picture is not end yet, Much more to come in this politics.  The 3 side war will end with hung assembly as it looks now. For more updates, keep visiting us.


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